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We ship to the USA

We are excited to offer you some of our best beans directly to your door. Get your fresh coffee from El Retiro to the USA in just 8 days!

We work directly with local families to craft their beans into unique specialty coffees with the regional identity of El Retiro and the Colombian mountains. Our artisanal seed-to-roast process creates a smooth, balanced cup with notes of chocolate, berries & caramel.

Premium white labeling

You can have your own branded 100% Colombian coffee with the quality, taste and social footprint of café retiro. Contact us for business inquiries: [email protected]


We have three available product for US purchase:

– 1 (5,5lb.) coffee bag

– 1 (2,2lb.) coffee bag

– 6 (8,8oz.) coffee bags


The minimum order is one unit of the previous product mentioned.

– Shipping time for any of our product available for US purchase is of 8–10 days.

– Shipping time for white labeling product must be calculated according to each order. 

We work with FedEx as our shipping ally.

Shipping costs vary according to each purchase.




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