Luna En Verde Special Edition – 250gr. 6-Pack – Single Origin Coffee

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The Luna En Verde Special Edition 6-Pack includes coffees from these wonderful women: Doña Marina: Chocolate, floral, fruity, medium body Dora Emilsen: Floral, brown sugar, honey, medium body Consuelo Bedoya: Chocolate and honey, medium acidity Martha Dolly: Chocolate and orange, medium body Nancy Granda: Honey and yellow fruits, medium body Zulma Gómez: Honey and yellow fruits, medium body Selection is assorted according to each single-origin availability Roast profile: Medium Presentation: Ground/whole bean Packaging: Triple layer laminated bag with peel stick Next: Choose if you want you coffee ground or whole-bean…

We are proud and honored to present this selection of specialty coffee grown by 6 wonderful women who produce, harvest and process each grain with the hard work and dedication needed to conceive a high-quality cup of specialty coffee. Enjoy seasonal availability of this special editions in a perfect presentation for small batch coffee lovers and gifts givers.

Each batch comes packed in our triple layer laminated bag with peel stick that allows the bag to be sealed by folding, minimizing the empty space inside the package which guarantees maximum quality and conservation.




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