We're a specialty coffee brand with the regional identity of El Retiro, Antioquia. Our beans are crafted in an artisanal process that goes from seed to roast: that's why we differ in taste and aroma from commercial coffee brands.

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Original Blend Specialty Coffee

Chocolate, berries, citrus fruits & caramel


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Humberto Tobon, Coffee Producer

Coffee producer & founder of café retiro.

Humberto Tobón, caficultor

Introducing “Las Bebidas de Antioquia”

Registro del evento y exposición.

We offer a unique take on Colombian coffee and a true interpretation of our terroir. We use only the best beans from our partners, all small farmers who work directly with their own soil.

Jairo Villegas Specialty Coffee Microlot

Caramel, red berries & chocolate


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From Seed to Cup

A visual journey from seed to cup.


El Retiro, Colombia

Meet Colombia's hidden terroir.